Rain Postpones 6/30 Eliminator Rounds – UPDATED

2017 Event Policy – In the event of weather delays/cancellations/postponements or other situations that allow an event to not finish PRIOR to the initial first elimination run of the night then that event is NOT official and you may save your wristband for entry to another 2017 Fast Lane Fridays event. Following the initial first elimination run of the night where the initial first two cars take times then that event becomes OFFICIAL and any postponement or delays will not be honored with that nights wristbands for future events. Those events may be made up or finished at a later date however new entry for that event is required. This policy may be changed by series officials as necessary for special situations. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WRISTBAND FOR RE-ENTRY FOR FUTURE EVENTS, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!!

Sunday 7/2 1pm – Please note we have updated our 2017 Fast Lane Fridays event schedule. Make-up Eliminators from 6/30 have been moved to 7/7 and 8/25. Your wristband from 6/30 is valid for re-entry to any 2017 Fast Lane Fridays event, you MUST provide your wristband for re-entry. Only racers who qualified or attempted to qualify for the 6/30 eliminators may race in the make up events.

Friday 6/30 10pm – Well the weather won tonight. We want to thank everyone who came out tonight to our first almost event. Our rain check policy is in place. Please save your wristband they are good for any 2017 Fast Lane Friday events. We will announce tomorrow the makeup dates for tonight’s two elimination rounds that were never competed. Thank you again from the entire NESOS Team.