2018 Fast Lane Fridays Season Starter Pack

The New England Street Outlaw Series is gearing up for another exciting year of drag racing and car cruises at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl starting on Friday, May 18th with pit gates at 5:30pm and Test & Tune at 6:30pm. Below you will find everything you need to go racing with us. Thanks and we look forward to see you Friday, May 18th!!

  • Racer Registration Form
  • Minor Waiver Form
  • Please fill out in advance (to save time) your Racer Registration Form. Please complete in full and also the backside. If possible please print double sided. 
  • ALL MINOR RACERS – Please note the NEW POLICY for all racers aged 17 and under. You MUST complete the Minor Waiver Form in FULL. There will be NOT EXCEPTIONS to this policy. Fill it out properly or do not race. (see more info below)
  • First Event is Friday, May 18th – Pits @ 5:30pm (each week after 6pm) and Test & Tune at 6pm.
  • We are not making any major rule changes but we will update the rule book prior to the opening event on May 18th.
  • Outlaw Class MUST have helmets and seatbelts
  • Bike Class MUST have full length equipment covering the racer (long sleeve shirts/jackets, long sleeve pants, boots, helmet, eye protection)
  • We are going to have a revised schedule posted soon. At this time Friday, June 1st is being removed as an event from our schedule. NO RACING FRIDAY 6/1.
  • Due to an upcoming event at the Speedbowl we may not be racing on Friday, June 29th. We are working with track management on schedule for that event, we will announce by opening night.



Dear Parent of Competitor

Our insurance provider has changed the guidelines for waivers of minor competitors.  It is now required that BOTH parents sign the parent consent form. Enclosed for your convenience is an off-site parental waiver.  This form must be used and notarized if:

*Both parents will not be present on the first race day of 2018 to sign the minor into competition


*The minor competitor has one parent/legal guardian.

If BOTH parents will be present to sign the minor into competition on their first race day of 2018, a waiver may be signed on the property with no notarization required.   No changes are being made for minors just entering the pits, one parent may be present to sign the parental waiver.  

We apologize for the inconvenience for those who already filled out their waivers for 2018.  If you have any questions please call Heather in the office at (860) 442-7223.  Please plan ahead to make sure the requirements are met so your child can participate in competition.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made on race days, the proper forms must be filled out.